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Counseling and Psychotherapy Services in Nashville, TN

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About Me

A healthy, healing connection and relationship with a skilled therapist can have the power to repair damage caused to us by others (sometimes those we love most), our life circumstances, and ourselves. We cannot change the past, but we can have corrective experiences through healing, healthy relationships, and change the way we respond to our present experiences. 

​My clients range from those seeking help with specific life issues and circumstances, to those with severe and mild trauma, to those wanting to simply improve their mental health.  All ultimately are seeking to live a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life.  I have received training in both inpatient and outpatient treatment settings, for a variety of presenting issues and concerns.  I work well with creatives, individuals struggling with issues related to LGBTQI and gender identity, addictions (substance and process), trauma, abuse, and invisible disabilities.

I have specialized training in EMDR and SomEx for the treatment of trauma.

Tonya Mills Counseling and Psychotherapy

Counseling and Psychotherapy for Adult Individuals

I provide in person and online counseling for individuals for a variety of presenting issues.

Relationship Issues

Research findings continue to validate the notion that healthy, intimate relationships are the primary key to happiness, and longevity.  While the importance of diet and exercise should not be downplayed, we are wired to connect.  Because of this, our

Trauma and Abuse

I often have clients question whether or not they "really" have trauma or abuse.  I find these terms can be relative.  The severity is usually on a spectrum, and unique to each client.  The ultimate question is, "how (if at all) are your past experiences affecting you in

LGBTQI and Gender Identity

Coping with and exploring concerns and/or questions around sexual orientation and gender identity require a safe place, which can ideally be found within the therapeutic relationship.  I have both personal and professional experience with struggles that are 

Depression and Anxiety
Hidden Disabilities

It's normal to experience ups and downs in life, but when we feel stuck and heavy, or out of control and on edge to an extent that we are unable to enjoy the things that we used to, something deeper may need to be addressed.  As with many conditions, depression and

The cause of addiction is often a combination of both genetics and life experiences. I have experience in the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction, as well as process addictions (love, porn, work, shopping, etc).  I not only work on symptom management, 

The term unseen, invisible, or hidden disabilities, encompasses a wide range of chronic and sometimes unpredictable illnesses, which can cause mental, physical, or emotional issues. Some of the more common ones include epilepsy, HIV/AIDS, and diabetes

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